Welding of stainless steel, aluminium, steel, cast iron

Welding of structures, stairs, handrails, balconies, gates, fences, various accessories for interiors and exteriors. TIG / MIG / MAG / MMA welding according to customer requirements



Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing fusion, which is distinct from lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as brazing and soldering, which do not melt the base metal.

Welding stainless steel

Custom welding

We generally weld stainless steel using the TIG method. We weld stainless steel and MIG/MAG electrodes in a CO2 / argon protective atmosphere as needed and type of contract.

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Welding aluminium

Custom welding

Welding of aluminum and its alloys under protective atmosphere (argon) MAG, TIG, flame with aluminum wire and paste. We exclusively engage in professional technology from renowned KEMPPI (FIN), EWM (DEU).

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Welding steel

Custom welding

Electrode welding MIG/MAG in a protective atmosphere. We have many years of experience in the welding of technologically demanding steel structures in our country and abroad.

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Welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Welding of all types of constructions of various sizes. We provide turn-key construction solutions, e.g. technological installation of structures in the objects of automotive, engineering and construction industry.

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Welding workbenches made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Welding of custom workbenches with containers, mounting rails, ramps and worktops from various materials to production and warehouse facilities.

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Welding of stainless steel and steel trolleys

Welding of various trolleys according to technical documentation or client requirements for automotive, engineering and construction industry objects.

Projects | Trolleys steel
Projects | Trolleys stainless steel


Welding of railings made of stainless steel, aluminum, steel

We weld and install handrails with fillings made of wood, glass, net, or, as the case may be, other materials for interiors and exteriors. Our offer has been supplemented by glass railings fastened in aluminum rails or steel grips.

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Welding of stairs constructions made of steel and stainless steel

Welding and install stair made of a great variety of materials for interiors and exteriors.

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Gates and fences

Welding of fences made of aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Welding and install gates and fences with fillings made of wood, glass, net, or, as the case may be, other materials, based on client's request.

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Stainless steel racks

Welding of stainless steel and steel racks

Welding tailor-made racks for warehouses, industry, gastronomy and others, with high load capacity and various shelf types according to the client's requirements.

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Welding of shelters made of aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Welding and install shelters for your car, terrace or entrance and manufacture shelter construction according to project documentation.

Protection equipment

Welding of protection equipment made of stainless steel, steel

We weld protection equipment, roof racks and accessories for off road, pick up and truck according to customer requirements.

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Cooling system

Welding of stainless steel

Installation of a stainless steel tower and welding of the structure for fixing the tower of the cooling system.

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Loading ramps

Welding steel loading ramp

We repair loading ramps, dismantle damaged structures and sheets, weld and reinforce load bearing ramps.

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Hard metal welding

Specialized welding

Welding of hard metal to the material by welding. Renovation and repair of tools by hard metal welding TIG welding according to customer requirements.

Welding abroad

Specialized welding

Our seasoned experts have many years of experience in technologically demanding, specialized welding and metalwork also beyond the borders of our country, in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa.

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