The company was established in 2019, when we decided to capitalise on our rich experience in the welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron.


In the past, we worked abroad in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa for several years performing highly specialized welding and metalwork and leading international work teams composed of tens of workers. Thanks to this experience, precision, enthusiasm and high quality of our welding we have been able to gain quickly a foothold in the market and are capable of coping with the most complex projects.

All of our works are of above-standard quality and performed exclusively by qualified workers using state-of-the-art, available and certified materials and established technologies. We process price offers objectively, taking into account current material prices, using many years of experience and at the same time maintaining very favourable price conditions.

We only do what we are really good at. Come and see for yourselves. Let us take care of at least a part of your preoccupations.

We are looking forward to your orders and our cooperation.